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Calvert Bone Travel Chess Set.

An early Victorian Calvert Bone Travel Chess Set. The bone pegged chessmen are natural and red-stained. The accompanying folding box/chessboard is Mahogany with Rosewood and Satinwood squares and measured 6″ square and 1-1/2″ thick, opened, with a removable piece that mounts into the chessboard to prevent the chessmen from falling out when the pieces are stored and the board/box is folded. The King stands 1-1/4″ tall. The set is complete and in excellent condition. Two red Pawns shown in the background need to be re-stained. The red peg mistakenly shown the first image is from a Cribbage set.GamageofHolborn_1905_StGeoX

The Calvert pattern is a very playable design which has survived well into thew 20th Century. They are available in a multitude of sizes, qualities and materials, including several wood species, bone, ivory, stone, Bakelite and even metal. During the Victorian period, Calvert pattern chess sets were produced by almost all the known manufacturers, including Jaques of London, F. A. Ayers, William and Thomas Lund, George Merrifield and Dixon, among others.

The Calvert pattern chessmen are a subset of the ubiquitous English Playing Sets.