Lot #6. Lund Hastilow Chessmen


Lund Hastilow Chessmen

Oleg Raikis

         Oleg Raikis

A Large Lund Hastilow style chess set, 7-3/4” King, natural and black-stained Mammoth Ivory in the manner of Thomas Lund. Circa 2005 by Oleg Raikis. Charles Hastilow was one of the top ivory carvers in the mid 1800’s. Barleycorn Chess Set by Charles Hastilow, circa 1850. Hastilow and Sons were ivory, bone and hardwood turners located at 3 Queen Street, Worship Street, London.

Thomas Lund had several occupations, but one of them was the manufacture of chess sets from the early 1800’s until his death in 1843. William Lund, Thomas’ son, continued to make sets throughout the rest of the 19th century, and is one of the best well-known of the ivory turners and carvers. William Lund had both a 24 Fleet Street, London, and a Cornhill address.