Button Stud Pocket Chess

Lot #650. Antique Button Stud Pocket Chess Set.

Antique Button Stud Pocket Chess Set.

An unusual, vintage, English-made patented Button Stud Pocket Chess Set. The manufacturer is unknown and there are no maker’s markings on the case. Set consists of a 32 stud-type chessmen with figurine chess characters printed in Black and gold on white and black porcelain encased in metal studs. The chessmen slip into, and are secured by, slotted holes in the leather chessboard. The slotted leather chessboard with black and tan squares and chessmen are housed in a brown leather lockable folding case.  The set measures 9″ square. The studs measure 0.55″ in diameter. The outer brown leather case is in good condition with some scuffing consistent with age and usage. The slotted leather chessboard and stud chessmen are in excellent condition. This item probably dates to around 1880.

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