Antique Cantonese Folding Chessboard

Lot #365. Antique Cantonese Folding Chess and Backgammon Board

Antique Cantonese Folding Chessboard and Backgammon Board/Box.

Antique Cantonese Folding Chessboard and storage box with a Backgammon obverse. The chessboard is Black Lacquer with gold accents. The age is not certain, but it is estimated to have been produced circa 1875. The board is 22” square with 2″ squares and is 4″ thick when closed. The chessboard is generally in good condition with some chipping to the Black lacquer. The Backgammon detail is almost totally worn as can be seen from the image. These chessboards were designed to accompany the larger Cantonese ivory chessmen, such as this exquisite set of Burmese chessmen. Our extensive inventory of antique and contemporary chessboards can be found here.

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