Antique Chinese Deity Chess Set

Lot #95.  Antique Chinese Deity Chess Set

Antique Chinese Deity Chess Set.

A large, vintage Antique Chinese Deity Chess Set, natural and brown-stained, carved from antique Asian Ivory. The Kings and Queens are standing Emperors.  The Bishops are represented as Mandarins. The Towers are very unusual Pagodas. Each of the Pawn carvings are different and are supposed to represent the Taoists Immortals. The King stands a massive 5-1/8” tall. The chess set includes a fitted wooden chessboard box. The chessboard is 32” square by 4-3/8” tall.

This chess set is post-World War II (1950s). Consequently, it is not available for sale due to restrictions of the sale of ivory products less than 100 years old that do not otherwise meet the Antique Exemptions listed within the 2014 Obama Administration Executive Order DO 210. 

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