Antique Folding Coromandel Reversible Chessboard

Lot #58. Antique Folding Coromandel Reversible Chessboard

Antique Folding Coromandel Reversible Chessboard.

An Antique Folding Coromandel Reversible Chessboard with inlaid ivory embellishments. One side of the chessboard has the standard 64 squares. The reverse side has the 64 squares surrounded by four quadrants consisting of two rows of 8 squares squares each.  The chessboard squares are ivory and Rosewood veneer with inlaid ivory delimiters in a solid Coromandel frame. The chess board measures 22-1/2″ square x -1/16″. The square size is 1-11/16″. This chessboard was designed for that standard game of chess as well as a version of the four-handed game. The board pre-dates the establishment of standardized rules for four-handed chess around 1875, since the standardized chessboard has increased the added fields from two rows to three rows of 8 squares each.

This antique is in good condition for ts age. The are three linear separations between the squares and some minor cracks and signs of ivory delaminations. The finish is quite good but the board could use a good coat of a quality paste wax like Lebron’s or MinWax. The chess board  dates to around 1780 – 1800.

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