Antique Indian Staunton Chess Set, Green

Lot #636. Antique Indian Staunton Chess Set

Antique Indian Staunton Chess Set.

An Antique Indian Staunton Chess Set, natural and green-stained. This antique chess set has a 3-5/8″ tall by 1-1/2″ diameter base King. The chessmen are in pristine condition, with no repairs or replacements and the chessmen have not been re-stained. The chessmen are housed in an ornate sandalwood box with camel bone inlays. These type chessmen were produced in India around 1870 to compete in the Western chess set market.

Note: Several States have either enacted or have pending legislation restricting the sale or purchase of antique Ivory artifacts. Please check with your State Government before placing an order for any antique ivory from this website.

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