Historical Background and Articles

About The John Jaques Company and The Staunton Chessmen

Introduction This page about The John Jaques Company contains articles and images which relate to the history the Jaques company and the Staunton Chessmen. Here you will find articles and images about the Jaques company, along with the design of the revolutionary new Staunton Chessmen design, the relationship between Nathaniel Cooke and the Jaques family, and a little insight into Howard Staunton, the man and the Chess player. The John Jaques Company, formerly located in London, is the oldest games company and sports manufacturer in the world. They have been manufacturing chess sets…

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Lot #210. Glass and Crystal Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Glass and Crystal Tic-Tac-Toe Game A very unique and beautiful crystal Tic-Tac-Toe game made by Belgian-born glass  artist LaJune. The pieces in the set  are duplicates of the chess  pieces in the set he made for  Barbara Mandrel.  The tallest piece stands 8-3/8” tall. The board is 6-7/8” square by 1-1/4” thick. Tic-tac-toe (also known as noughts and crosses or Xs and Os) is a paper-and-pencil game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their…

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Old Crow Chess Set

Lot #134. Old Crow Chess Set

Old Crow Chess Set This is a complete Old Crow Chess Set. The 32 decanters are gold and green. Most of the decanters are  still full and sealed. The set includes its original  rug-like chessboard, authenticity tags, and all the original packaging. Everything is in very good condition, no chips or cracks, each chess piece comes in it’s own individual box with authenticity card and tag. The King stands 15-1/2” tall. It is very rare that a complete, Old Crow Chess Set can be found, still filled, and with the original tags…

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Murano Blown Glass Chessmen

Lot #23. Murano Blown Glass Chessmen

Murano Blown Glass Chessmen These Murano Blown Glass chessmen are fully hand crafted and were crafted in Baroque style by master glass blower Vladimir Zubrican. The chessmen are blown white and wine-colored glass, atop brass and wood pedestals. This chess set is a reproduction of a 15th century Murano glass chessmen. The design features representative headpieces light and dark stained stems and brass metal bases. The King stands 7-3/8” Tall. Made in the Czech republic.

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Sevres Abstract Chessmen

Lot #311. Sevres Abstract Chessmen

Sevres Abstract Chessmen. These spectacular porcelain Sevres Abstract Chessmen are European, custom made to order, reproduction of these famous ceramic abstract chessmen originally attributed in 1923 to Suzanne Lalique-Haviland. The Art Deco chess pieces are blue, green and white with gold embellishments. The chess set includes a matching Blue and White Art Deco Ceramic Chessboard with gold trim measuring 18” square. This is set #1 of only two reproductions made. The chessboard is the only one in existence. The King stands 4-3/4” tall.

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Jaques Library Size Steinitz Chessmen

Lot 604. Jaques Steinitz Staunton Chessmen (circa 1865)

A circa 1865  set of Boxwood and Ebony Jaques Steinitz Staunton chessmen, (Megamouth) unweighted and felted, with “Jaques London” inscribed on the base of the White King. A very attractive set with heavily carved Steinitz-style Knights and the drilled out pupils. The King stands 3-1/2″ tall. The set comes in its original Mahogany slide-top box box, bt the labelis missing. The set is circa 1865. The Staunton Pattern was first offered to the public for sale in the Fall of 1849 by the company of John Jaques of London. The original…

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Lot 602. Jaques Anderssen Staunton Antique Chess Set

Jaques Anderssen Staunton Antique Chess Set A circa 1858 Jaques Anderssen Staunton Antique Chess Set, “Drop-Jaw” style, boxwood and ebony, unweighted, felted, inscribed “Jaques London” on the rim of the White King. The Knights are of the Anderssen drop-jaw style and the Bishops are very attractive with wide vertical miters. The King stands 3-1/2″ tall.  The chessmen are housed in their original Slide-top Mahogany box with the original green manufacturer’s label. The Staunton Pattern was first offered to the public for sale in the Fall of 1849 by the company…

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