Small Drueke Chessboard

Lot #92. Drueke Chessboard, Walnut and Maple, 18″ Square

Drueke Chessboard, Walnut and Maple, 18″ Square

Featured here is a small Drueke Chessboard, 18 ” square, 1″ thick, with 1-3/4″ American Walnut and Maple squares. The chess board is in excellent condition. circa 1965. This chessboard is ideal for Library size chessmen, such as those made by Jaques and Ayres, among others.

The Drueke Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan. was founded by William F. Drueke and in 1916, a company bearing his name first appears. The Drueke Company is America’s oldest manufacturer of traditional board games. In 1987, the Drueke Company was sold to the Low Tech Company. The Drueke name was retained. In 1990, the Low Tech Company sold Drueke to the Carrom Company, which moved manufacturing operations to its home in Ludington, Michigan. The Carrom Company continues to produce games under the Drueke name to this day. An excellent history of the Drueke Company, written by Duncan Pohl, can be found at:

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