Frederic Remington Bronze Chess Set by The Franklin Mint

Lot #605. The Frederic Remington Bronze Chess Set by The Franklin Mint

The Frederic Remington Bronze Chess Set by The Franklin Mint.

The Official Frederic Remington Bronze Chess Set was authorized by the Frederic Remington Art Museum and issued by the Franklin Mint in 1991. This is the first chess set ever authorized by the Frederic Remington Art Museum. This Western-style set comes with a wood board painted in a green and black checked pattern with gold tone detailing on the black squares. The set depicts miniature Remington solid hot-cast bronze sculptures, the same material used in Remington’s large highly desirable sculptures. Each sculptured chess piece is hand finished in a classic patina, individually mounted on a hardwood base and decorated with a golden band. The pieces rest atop embossed gold foil discs engraved with the name and rank of each of the chessmen. The chess set includes its hardwood framed battlefield accented with four brass medallions–one on each side–minted in high relief and depicting the enduring symbol of Remington’s genius, his immortal ” The Bronco Buster.” The playing surface features two-toned squares for ease of play and is embellished by gilded trim work around the borders. 

The King stands 3-1/2″ tall with a 1-3/8″ diameter base. The Cowboy army set consists of: The Sargent as Pawns, The Cowboy as Rooks,  Trooper of the Plains as Knights, Lt. Carter Johnson as the Bishops, Eva Remington Queen and The Iconic Remington Bronco Buster as the King The Native American army consists of: The Savages as Pawns, The Mountain Man as Rooks, Cheyenne as Knights, Conjuring Back the Buffalo as the Bishops, Minnehaha as the Indian Queen and The Scalp as the Indian King.

The set includes the playing board, chess pieces, a Certificate of Authenticity and thirty-two ID Cards with a short write-up on each piece.  The chessboard measures 16.5″ square and is about 2″ tall. The chessmen are in excellent condition. There are a few minor cosmetic nicks on the sides of the chessboard.  These sets are rarely offered for ale and have become quite collectible.

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