French Staunton Chessmen, Library Size

Lot #569. French Staunton Chessmen, Library Size

French Staunton Chessmen Library Size.

Offered here is a set of early 20th Century French Staunton Chessmen Library Size, Natural and Black lacquered Boxwood, lightly weighted and felted. The King stands 3-1/4″ tall with a 1-1/2″ diameter base. The summits of the Kingside Rooks and Knights are stamped with the red King’s crown emblem. The Knights are somewhat crudely carved. The pieces are in excellent condition and appear to have been rarely used. These sets were produced after WWI, probably around 1925 – 1940. The Chessmen are housed in their original felt-lined hinge-top wooden box. These chessmen would make a nice, sturdy playing set. The chessboard shown is not included in this sale. These Staunton chess pieces play and display best on a chessboard with 2-0″ squares. For a complete selection of our finest new and antique chessboards, please click here An extensive inventory of antique and contemporary chess timers can be found here.

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