Gal Almaliah Chess Set

Lot #322. Metal Ultra-Minimalist Geometric Chess Set by Gad Almaliah.

Gad Almaliah Chess Set.

This is an unusual set of Ultra-Minimalist geometric Silver and Gold gilt metal chessmen that fit together in the case to form a square. The original version was a limited edition of 10 and sold in museums and galleries for $5,000 each. The perfect dimensional ratio of each piece achieves a sophisticated design. The pieces are stored in a rectangular form, creating a clever puzzle and contemporary sculpture. This set is truly a masterpiece. The chess set bears the signature of renowned Jewish artist and sculptor Gad Almaliah. This chess set is as new.

Gad Almaliah z’l was born and raised in Jerusalem.  He graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The Mexican government sponsored Gad for two years to work with local artists at the University of Mexico. He was president of the Graphic Designers’ Association of Israel for 15 years. In addition to designing stamps for the postal services of Israel, the United States and Mexico, Gad designed numerous posters and published several books on design.  He designed coins and medals for the Israeli Government and created the emblem for the Six Day War.  He taught design on the university level in Israel and Canada in addition to serving on the faculties of School of Visual Arts and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  Gad passed away in January of 2007.  His wife, Joan Almaliah, continues to produce his Judaica designs, including embossed metal ketubot  at The Design Lab in Boston, Massachusetts. His contemporary Judaica is available at galleries and fine Judaica shops world-wide. His pieces are treasured Jewish gifts for weddings, b/b mitzvah and life-cycle events.

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