Gardena Art Pyrenees Chessmen

Lot #89. Medieval Gardena Art Pyrenees Chessmen

Medieval Gardena Art Pyrenees Chessmen.

A set of Gardena Art Pyrenees Chessmen, beautifully hand-carved and hand-painted wood, in a medieval theme. The King stands an impressive 6-1/2″ tall. Gardena Art wooden chessmen are 100% hand-carved in Italy for those who can appreciate the true value of these magnificent artistic chessmen. They are fully equal in quality chessmen bearing the Anri label made in the mid-20th Century. The chessmen are new and were produced around 2005. Each of the chessmen bear a sticker on the underside of their bases which reads “100% Made in Italy”.

Val Gadrena Sculpture The wood art tradition has a long history in Val Gardena, Italy. The tradition of woodcarving dates back to the XVII century, when farmers started producing wood toys and utensils during the long winter season. The peasants than used to sell the items at spring markets. Part of the autonomous region Alto Adige/Southern Tyrol in Italy, the Val Gardena is known for its ancient romantic language, its skiing facilities – and its old tradition of woodcarving. The ANRI company’s chess sets from the 1960s were produced in this region and have gained collectors status, thanks to their unparalleled quality.

Gardena Art wood art workshops are renowned all over the world because the wonderful wooden sculptures and statues made by the famous local sculptors and carvers.


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