King Edward Albert Steuben Glass Style Chessmen

Lot #679. King Edward Albert Steuben Glass Style Chessmen by Jan Starka

King Edward Albert Steuben Glass Style Chessmen by Jan Starka.

This elegant set of King Edward Albert Steuben Glass Style chessmen, made in clear and frosted crystal glass, is quite unique. Only two of these sets were ever produced. The King stands an impressive 8-3/4” tall with a 2-7/8″ diameter base. An image of the King alongside a 4-1/2″ Full Club size Staunton King is shown for comparison. The chess pieces are housed in a custom-made, compartmented and padded wooden case. 

The chess pieces are styled after a set of chessmen residing in the Steuben Museum. The King Albert Edward Chessmen were designed by Jan Starka for Elizabeth Gann and were produced in the Czech Republic.  Jan, who represented Royal Dux, is known for a refraction glass chess set that was designed by him and Eva Savinkova. An image of the Refraction Glass set is shown in the movie scene on the left. The Refraction chess set is featured in the motion picture named Lucky Number Slevin starring Josh Hartnett, Lucy Liu, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis and Sir Ben Kingsley.

This set of crystal Glass Chessmen will require a chessboard with square sizes between 3-1/4″ and 3-1/2″. A suitable chessboard for these magnificent pieces can be seen here, For our extensive selection of new and antique chessboards, look here.

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