Large Antique Bone Staunton Chessmen

Lot #351. Large Antique Bone Staunton Chessmen

Large Antique Bone Staunton Chessmen.

Offered here is a set of Large Antique Bone Staunton Chessmen manufactured around 1855. These vintage chessmen are natural and red-stained bone. The King stands 3-5/8″ tall with a 1-5/8″ diameter base. Typical for bone and ivory chessmen, the pieces do not have baize base pads. The chessmen are in excellent condition and are housed in the original mahogany slide-top box. These Staunton chess sets were likely produced in several sizes soon after the introduction of the Staunton pattern chessmen, although the maker remains unknown.  The Knights are nicely styled in the manner of the Jaques Paulsen Knights from the 1852 to 1854 period and are superior in detail to many of the bone Staunton chess sets produced during the Victorian and early Edwardian periods. The chess pieces are in excellent condition for their age and have developed a very pleasing patina. There may be one or two very small hairline fissures in the bases typically found in older bone pieces. The chessmen play best on a chessboard with 2-1/4″ squares. The antique Junghans chess timer and the antique chessboard shown in the images are not included in this offering, but may be purchased elsewhere on this site.

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