Lot #715. Large Antique Folding Chessboard

Lot #714. Large Antique Folding Chessboard

Large Antique Folding Chessboard.

A Large Antique Folding Chess Board. The construction is mottled gold paper back and gold-trimmed Bone and red leather squares over cardboard. The Antique Folding chessboard measures 22-0″ square. The individual squares are 2-5/8″ in Red and off-White, outlined in gold. This antique  chessboard is in quite serviceable condition for its age and the seam is still in tact.  The covering is sound and the chessboard lies flat.  Based on the back design and the gold-outlined red and white squares, the chessboard was produced in The United Kingdom around 1850. The chessboard is designed to accommodate the smaller Staunton chess pieces with base diameters up to 2-1/8″, and the large chessmen such as Anri, among others. To view our complete selection of new or antique chessboard click here.

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