Novag Quartz Chess Clock

Lot #380. Novag Quartz Chess Clock

Novag Quartz Chess Clock.

The Novag Quartz Chess Clock is one of the most unusual and rarest of the early digital chess clocks. It is designed to emulate the appearance of a Star Trek flip-open communicator. It’s very unique feature is the detachable move buttons, as can be seen in the images. It is very difficult to find these days.The black plastic case measures 8″ x 5″ (7″ open) x 2″. it uses 6 AA Batteries and Connects to Novag Super Sensor IV, Savant and Robot Adversary Computers, should you still be able to find one of these vintage chess computers. The connecting  Cable included, as is the complete instruction booklet. The clock is in excellent working order and has its original graphic display box and instructions. These clocks first appeared around 1980. This is among the earliest of the first Digital electronic chess clocks and, as such, does not have Delay or Increment capabilities.


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