Old English Pattern Antique Chess Set

Lot #33. Old English Pattern Antique Chess Set

Old English Pattern Antique Chess Set.

An Old English Pattern Antique Chess Set, boxwood end ebony, circa 1780. The King stands 2-0″ tall and the chessmen are unweighted. Weighted wooden chessmen did not appear until the introduction of the Staunton chessmen in September of 1849. The praxis of adding ballast to the chessmen was the invention of the Jaques of London company. These vintage chessmen are housed in their original small slide-top mahogany box. Also included is a properly sized folding inlaid wooden chessboard which is from a later period. One of the more unusual features of these pre 1800 chessmen is the simple Knight head which is abstractly represented as a cylinder cut aslant. The chess set is missing two boxwood Pawns, but is otherwise in very good condition.

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