Piero Benzoni Medieval Chess set

Lot #126. Piero Benzoni Medieval Chess set

Piero Benzoni Medieval Chess set

A modern, special issue Piero Benzoni Medieval Chess set, both armies bronze adorned in 24 K gold. Each of the chessmen is signed. The chessmen are accompanied by the only 24K Gold, Mahogany and Striped Ebony, Damascene storage chessboard in the U.S. This magnificent chess board is no longer made. The King is 5-3/4” tall.  This is a very rare and collectible heirloom quality chess set.

Piero Benzoni offers historical themed chess sets handmade and crafted in solid bronze with gold and silver plating. Using the lost wax casting method, these luxury chess sets,tables, chairs and chess pieces are highly sought for their iconic themes and masterful designs.

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