Popular Staunton Antique Chess

Lot #29. Popular Staunton Antique Chess Set, 3-1/2″ King

Popular Staunton Antique Chess Set, 3-1/2″ King.

A Popular Staunton Antique chess Set, unweighted and unfelted, modeled after the British Chess Company Popular chessmen made between around 1895 and 1905. This vintage Chess set is Boxwood and Ebony. The King stands 3.5″ tall with a 1.4″ diameter base. These style Antique chess set is characterized by the large-headed Bishops. The Rooks are a bit unusual in that they have only five crenellations rather than the usual four or six. The chessmen are housed in a replacement wooden box. These particular chessmen were produced around 1940. The chessmen are excellent condition for their age and have a very nice finish. The set appears to have been used very infrequently.   The only flaws are some small hairline fissure in a few of the Ebony Chessmen.


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