British Chess Company Popular Chessmen, 4-0

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The House of Staunton Antiques features the World’s largest selection of antique Chess sets, Chess Boards, Chess Clocks and related chess-themed antiques manufactured prior to World War Two. Here you will also fine an assortment of other antique and vintage games including Backgammon, Checkers or Draughts, Carrom, Go, Shoji, Xiang Qi, Dominoes, Mah Jongg (Also Mahjong) among others.

Chess Sets in this category excludes antique chessmen made by John Jaques. Here, we concentrate on  Staunton, pre-Staunton and figural chessmen in wood, bone, ivory, Catalin, Bakelite, Xylonite, Wedgwood and other ceramic and porcelain materials. Here you will find antique chess sets and games offered by such manufacturers as F. H. Ayres, B & Company, British Chess Company, William and Thomas Lund, George Merrifield, John Calvert, Rihard Whitty, Hezekaih Dixon, Edward Henry Corbould, Baruch H. Wood, William T. Piney, William F. Drueke and others, as well as numerous antique chess sets and games made by manufacturers yet to be identified.

Post World Wart Two chess sets and games, including rare, modern and other collectible chess sets, including one-of-a-kind masterpiece by Oleg Raikis.  as well as Luxury and Premium chess sets, can be found in other sections of this web site.

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