Lot #146. Anri Romans and Teutons “Limes” Toriart Chessmen


Anri Charlemagne Chess Set. King 3-1/2″. Hand-painted composition chessmen on wooden bases in fitted tan leatherette presentation case. The chess pieces arfe in excellent condition. C. 1968.

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Anri Romans and Teutons Toriart Chessmen

Offered here is a set of Anri Romans and Teutons “Limes” Series chessmen. The King stands 4-1/2″ tall with a 1-1/4″ diameter base. The castings are weighted, and rest atop royal blue felt base pads. The chess pieces are housed in a graphic cardboard display box with two compartments. The Limes or Romans and Teutons chessmen are part of the Anri Toriart Collection, original Catalog #12602/Col. The “Col.” indicates a hand-painted set in a cardboard presentation box. The hand-painting is subtle, and some has worn off over the years. There is a more elaborately hand-painted option, catalogue 12602/R.G. No chessboard is included with this offering, but a suitable board can be found here. In particular, this chessboard would have been used for these Toriart sets.

Anri Romans and Teutons Toriart chessmen were made in Italy, starting in 1958, although the box is marked “Made in Germany” but with the Anri “Toriart” trademark. Curiously, the Anti Toriart trademark is missing the word “Italy” under the “T”. Perhaps they were sold through a retailer in Germany, but this remains somewhat of a mystery. The chessmen are in good, undamaged condition. The cardboard box is in serviceable condition, but some masking tape remnants remain which spoil the look. Anri Romans and Teutons chess sets were produced between 1957 and 1974.


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