Lot #924. Antique Classic Tournament Chessboard


An Antique Classical Tournament Chessboard, 16″ inches square with 1-7/8″ Mahogany and Maple playing squares mounted on a plywood backing and a frame with traditional molding.  The playing surface has been refinished and antiqued. Average-to-good Condition. Circa 1900s.

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Antique Classic Tournament Chessboard.

Offered here is a Antique Classical Tournament Chessboard. The chessboard measures 16″ over-all with a playing field having 1-7/8″ Mahogany and Maple squares mounted on a plywood backing. The board has a small frame with a traditional molded edge. The chessboard has been refinished and given a more “antique” look. This chessboard was designed to accommodate the standard Tournament-size Staunton chessmen as well as most pre-Staunton chessmen and smaller figural chessmen, like the Anri Toriart series.

The chessboard was likely produced in the realy1900s. The refinished chessboard is in average-to- good condition with some minor scuffing due to usage and long-term shelf storage. To view our complete line of modern and antique chessboards, use this link.

Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 6 in

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