Lot #863. Antique H. Delaire Chess Clock, circa 1910


Antique Henri Delaire Chess clock produced by Delaire Paris in France in the size and manner of the modern BHB style clocks. These timers date from around 1915 and were used in tournaments of all levels throughout the United Kingdom in the early to mid 1900s.

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Antique Delaire Paris Chess Clock

Antique Henri Delaire Chess clock

Offered here is a unique example of an original antique Henri Delaire Chess clock and game timer, produced by Delaire, Paris in France. from around 1915. The chess timer is in the size and manner of the modern BHB style clocks but is much older. The Delaire Chess clock appears to have been the inspiration for the ubiquitous BHB analogue clocks that were popular before the advent of the digital game timers like the Fidelity Electronics GameTime.

The Delaire Paris Chess clock timing movement is activated by a wooden lever, typical of early 20th century clocks.  The side of the clock has a latch which holds the activation bar in the neutral position when not in use.  The front of the case bears an engraved brass plaque, marked “Delaire Paris”.  The wooden case is mahogany. The clock lacks its two stamped brass rear cover plates, the two winding keys and both hand-adjustment knobs. The movement probably works but the clock will need to be serviced by a experienced antique clock restorer. Henri Delaire is believed to have been the first president of the French Chess Federation.

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