Lot #704. Antique Jaques Tournament Chessboard


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Antique Jaques Tournament Chessboard.

Offered here is an Antique Jaques Tournament Chessboard. The chessboard squares are Holly and Rosewood veneer with a solid Mahogany frame. The Jaques London label which reads “Jaques & Son Makers, London” is affixed to the top surface of the chessboard back. The chess board measures 17-3/4″ square with a square size of 2.1″. An ivory plaque with the number “4” is affixed to one side of the frame, indicating that the board was probably used in an old English Chess club or pub.   This antique chess board is in excellent condition. The finish is generally sound and has a very good luster. The chessboard appears to have been produced around 1880. A fine collection of new and antique chessboards can be found here. Chess pieces are not included, but an authentic set of antique Jaques chessmen can be found here. Chessboards of this size were made to accommodate Jaques chess pieces with 3-1/2″ Kings. For a short history of the John Jaques Company and the Staunton Chessmen, click here.

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Weight12 lbs
Dimensions26 × 26 × 6 in