Lot #R094. Tournament-Size Brass and Wood Staunton Chessmen


A Brass and Wood Staunton Chess Set, brass and nickel-plated cast zinc. 3-1/2″ King, 1-1/4″ base, felted. Natural and Stained Oak chessboard. Italfama, 1984. As new.

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Brass and Wood Staunton Chess Set, Tournament-size

This beautiful, imported Brass and Wood Staunton chess set is from the workshop of Italfama in Italy and distributed by Cardinal Industries. A classic Persian Staunton design blending metal and wood. The chessmen are brass and nickel-plated cast zinc with hardwood Columns. The pieces have a heavy feel, and each is cushioned atop a felt base pad.

This is a set of tournament-size chessmen with a 3-1/2″ tall king and a 1-1/4” diameter base. Also included is a natural and walnut-stained-oak chessboard measuring 20” overall with 1-7/8” squares. The chess set is housed in a graphic display box with a Styrofoam insert for the individual pieces and chessboard. The chessmen are as new. The display box shows wear, consistent with age and long-term shelf storage, but is fully serviceable. These sets were distributed by Cardinal Industries and produced in 1984.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 6 in

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