Lot #634. Easton Press “Get A Life” by William Shatner – Signed Limited First Edition with COA.


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Get a Life by William Shatner, Signed Limited First Edition with a Letter of Authenticity!

Offered here is an Easton Press Signed Limited First Edition of “Get A Life” by Wlliam Shatner. This Leather Bound book is number 1259 of a limited edition of 1450 dated 05/07/1999. It is signed, with a Certificate of Authenticity. This book is part of the SIGNED FIRST EDITIONS collection of The Easton Press, Norwalk, Connecticut.

The book is in like new condition. Easton Press books are bound in genuine premium leather and come with moire fabric endsheets and a permanent satin ribbon page marker. The spines of these luxurious books are accented in 22-karat gold and are hubbed with traditional raised rings. Each unique binding is decorated with a deeply inlaid design of 22-karat gold. The page ends are gilded in 22-karat gold for beauty and protection against dust and humidity. Easton Press Books are also printed on archival-quality acid-neutral paper that is Smyth-sewn for strength and durability.

Actor, author and director William Shatner, is known around the world as Captain James Kirk of the USS Starship Enterprise, the central character of one of the most popular and enduring adventure Sagas of all time – Star Trek. In 1956, Shatner moved from Montreal to New York to pursue acting and was an immediate success. His second TV series, Star Trek, however, was not and the show was canceled in 1969 after only three seasons. Over the following decade, while Shatner worked in countless TV shows and movies, Star Trek developed a massive and unprecedented following. The extraordinary popularity of the original television episodes led to seven popular Star Trek movies. In addition to acting in two successful TV series, T. J. Hooker and Rescue: 911, Shatner has also directed in TV and film (including Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). Today, William Shatner concentrates on writing and has published two volumes of memoirs and many novels, including the best selling Trek Wars science-fiction series.

Despite his admiration for Star Trek, Shatner initially disdained the passionate movement the show inspired. His attitude towards the “Trekkies” was summed up in an infamous line from a Saturday Night Live skit, “Get a life!” In 1994, however, Shatner finally agreed to speak at the Star Trek conventions he had avoided for close to two decades, coming face-to-face with his fans. Shatner found a fascinating community and spent the next four years studying the movement he helped create. “Get a Life” is William Shatner‘s witty, honest and illuminating journey into the world of the “Trekkies” and his own legacy.

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