Lot #914. Frameless Contemporary Beechwood Chessboard.


Frameless Contemporary Beechwood Chessboard measuring 17″ square, 3/4″ thick, with 2-1/4″ natural and ebonized squares. The chessboard is designed to accommodate the man Ray chess pieces but are also suitable for any tournament-size Staunton and pre-Staunton chessmen.

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Frameless Contemporary Beechwood Chessboard.

Offered here is a very attractive Frameless Contemporary Chessboard, measuring 17″ square and 3/4″ thick, with 2-1/4″ Beechwood and Black veneer squares. The chessboard is frameless. The dark squares are ebonized. The chessboard has a low-gloss clear lacquer protective finish with a green felt bottom covering. The chessboard is designed to accommodate the Man Ray chess set. It will also make an attractive accompaniment to any tournament-size Staunton chessmen, most pre-Staunton sets, contemporary chess sets, and many figural sets such as those produced by Anri and Dal Negro. To view our complete line of modern and antique chessboards, use this link. The chessboard is new.

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Weight58 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 4 in

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