Lot #911. Antique Hallett of High Holborne Chess Pieces


Offered here is an antique set of Hallett of Holborne Chess Pieces. The chessmen are crafted from Boxwood and Ebony. The King stands 3.4″ with a 1.5″ diameter base and are weighted, green baize base pads. Circa 1875. A folding Reproduction Leuchars chessboard is included with the purchase.

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Antique Hallett of High Holborne Chess Pieces.

Antique Hallett of Holborne Chessmen
Original Hallett Knights

Offered here is a set of Antique Hallett of Holborne Chess Pieces. These vintage weighted chessmen are crafted from Boxwood and Ebony and still wear their original green baize base pads. The King stands 3.4″ tall with a 1.5″ diameter base.

The unusual feature of Howlett’s Staunton chess sets is the disproportionately tall Knights, somewhat reminiscent of the knights commonly found in pre-House of Staunton Indian chess sets. The image on the left sows the original Knights from his 1852 registered design (no. 82845). Hallett never changed his Knight design, which makes sets produced in his workshop easily identifiable.

These full Tournament-size chessmen are in excellent condition for their age and have developed a very pleasing patina. The chess pieces are housed in a replacement wooden box. These chessmen were produced around 1875, They were available in several sizes, including a travel version. The antique reproduction folding Leuchars chessboard shown is included with this purchase.


Antique Hallett of Holborne Chessmen

The first chess set design known to have been registered by Hallett was no. 82845. (shown on the right) That design was registered by William Hallett on 13 January 1852.  The set offered here was a much later design based on the more classic Staunton design. Hallett was an ivory and hardwood turner with his workshop located at 83 High Holborn since February 1838. His previous workshop was located at 2 New Turnstile. Hallett made the usual variety of products, specializing in brushes, combs and games.  He also is known to have manufactured the Edinburgh (Northern Upright) chessmen.

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