Lot #771. Swiss Made Heuer Chess Champion Clock by Looping


A much sought-after Heuer Chess Champion Clock manufactured by Looping. It consists of precision Swiss-made movements enclosed in an aluminum case with red anodized aluminum buttons. Excellent condition. Circa 1970

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Heuer Chess Champion Game Timer by Looping.

Featured here is the highly prized Heuer Chess Champion Clock. This game timer features two precision Swiss-made movements mounted within an aluminum case. The assemblage is supported by two Mahogany ends and employs two red anodized Aluminum activation buttons. The clock is in excellent physical and mechanical condition. It is sold without its original box and paperwork.


The Heuer chess timer is an example of a very high quality and much sought-after mechanical chess clock. The clocks were Heuer branded but they were manufactured by a company called Looping. The Looping timers are known for their accuracy and excellent craftsmanship. Only a small number of the original Looping Chess Clocks were ever produced. Exact copies were sold by TAG Heuer as the Heuer Chess Champion. TAG Heuer did not produce these chess clocks themselves, they were sourced through Looping. Heuer was the sole importer of Looping clocks from 1968 to 1975. The Looping Company went bankrupt in 1980.

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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 8 in