Lot #619. Antique Jaques of London Tournament Size Chessboard


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Antique Jaques Tournament Size Chessboard.

This offering features an Antique Jaques Tournament Size Chessboard. The chess board squares are Sycamore and Rosewood veneer with a Mahogany veneer back and a solid Mahogany frame. The chessboard measures 20″ square. The square size is 2-1/8″. The frame is stamped “Jaques London”. The condition and finish of the chessboard excellent. The chess board appears to have been produced around 1880. The chessboard is designed to accommodate chessmen with a base diameter between 1-5/8″” and 1-3/4″.

These Jaques framed playing field style chessboards were in common use until World War II. After the War, much more economical wooden chess boards started appearing from other European countries such as Spain, Poland and Germany. Chessboards bearing the Jaques of London and British Chess Company stamping were all most likely produced by the same factory in the UK.

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Weight12 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 8 in

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