Lot #623 Kita Shoji Travel Chess Set


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Kita Shoji Travel Chess Set

Kita Shoji K. K. Ivory Travel Set
Kita Shoji K. K. Ivory Travel Set Label

The Kita Shoji Travel Chess Sets were crafted by Kita Shoji K.K of Tokyo in occupied Japan at the end of World War II. The natural and brown-stained chessmen and chessboard are contained in its original, 5″ x 7″, royal blue covered velvet hard case. The original white cardboard display box, stamped “Pocket Chess Set” in Gold lettering, is also part of this lot. The Staunton pattern chessmen are extremely well carved for a set of this size.

The case and chessmen are in excellent condition The inside of the case is stamped “Kita Shoji K. K. , Tokyo, Japan”. The Kita Shoji company has been in business since at least 1920. One reference to the company from the 1920s lists them as Kita SHOJI K.K. S.I-CHOME NIHONBASHITORI CHUO-KU TOKYO. They manufactured and sold gaming pieces such as dominoes, cribbage, chess, objects of art such as figurines, as well as jewelry. There is reason to believe tat this is the same company that produced the Mikado under the Golden Castle Ltd. brand.

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