Lot #727. Large French Mahogany Chessboard


A Large French Mahogany Chessboard, 23-3/4″ inches square with 2-7/8″ squares of Mahogany and Maple with a Mahogany veneer back. Produced in France for Bergdorf and Goodman, circa 1970.

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Large French Mahogany Chessboard.

A Large French Mahogany Chessboard, measuring 23-3/4″ with 1 2-7/8″ Mahogany and Maple squares. The back is Mahogany veneer. The chessboard hack bears an inventory sticker as well as a label showing that the board was produced in France for Bergdorf and Goodman, probably in the 1970s. The chessboard is sound with some wear and minor scratching consistent with age, and could use a waxing. There are visible rings on the first two ranks where the chess pieces were displayed oved a long period of time. The Maple have darkened, leaving light rings where the board was protected from UV by the pieces. Similarly, the Mahogany has lightened over time, leaving dark rings. The rings will begin to fade over time. The chessboard is designed to handle the larger chessmen such as those produced by Anri and Lladro, with base diameters between 2-1/4″ and 2-1/2″ . To view our complete line of modern and antique chessboards, use this link.

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions28 × 28 × 8 in

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