Lot #R131. The Leonardo Da Vinci Chess Pieces


Offered here is a reproduction of the Leonardo Da Vinci Chess Pieces. The wooden pieces are red and white lacquered and rest atop green felt base pads. The King measures 3.4” tall with a base diameter of 1.35”. The chessmen are in as new condition.


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The Leonardo Da Vinci Chess Pieces.

Leonardo Da Vinci Chess Pieces

Offered here is a modern reproduction of the Leonardo Da Vinci chess pieces. The chessmen are red and black lacquered boxwood. The King stands 3.4″ tall with a 1.35″ diameter base. The chessmen rest atop green felt base pads.  No Chessboard is included with this set of chessmen, but a suitable chessboard can be found here.

There appear to be at least two versions of the Leonardo Da Vinvi chess Pieces. The main difference is the depiction of the rook. This reproduction represents the version found in Leonardo’s Chessmen as it has diagrams and dimensions for each chess piece and an academic study supporting the origin of the design.


In 2006, researchers in Italy reported the discovery of a manuscript on the game of chess by Luca Pacioli, a leading mathematician of the Renaissance. The manuscript is dated late fifteenth and early sixteenth century. A dated watermark on one of its pages sets the date to 1496, while a request for a printing privilege establishes the date as 1508.

After years of debate and exhaustive study, researchers declared the manuscript a preparatory autograph for Pacioli’s De Ludo Scachorum (Latin: On the Game of Chess). Pacioli’s manuscript contains chess problems, the rules of chess, and illustrations by Da Vinci. It results from a substantial collaboration between Pacioli and Leonardo Da Vinci. The manuscript was known to exist only through Pacioli’s reference in his writings and was presumed lost for centuries.

The conclusion that Da Vinci contributed to the illustrations and design of the chess pieces in De Ludo Scachorum is not without debates and detractors. Rocco writes, “Some presume that Da Vinci was so exclusively dedicated to transcendent thought and removed from everyday reality that he would never have devoted himself to chess. Consequently, he would never have committed himself to designing chess pieces.” This interesting research can be found at Leonardo Da Vinci Chess Set by Jeff Burton | Download free STL model | Printables.com



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