Lot #R129. Italian Gold and Chrome-Plated Chess Set, Star Resorts


A Minimalist Polished gold and Chrome plated Chess Set in silhouette form in a dark Burgundy leatherette covered case marked Star Resorts. The polished chrome chessboard measures 15” square. The King stands 4-0” tall with a 1.4″ base. Made in Italy, circa 1975, and sold through Star Resorts, Inc.

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Minimalist Gold and Chrome Plated Silhouette Chess Set.

Minimalist Gold and Chrome Star Resorts Chess Set

Offered here is a very attractive Minimalist Gold and Chrome Plated Silhouette Chess Set in excellent condition. The chess pieces are silhouette form and feature Symbolic Kings and Queens and Fou Bishops, along with traditional Knights and Rook forms. The chromed metal chess board measures 15” square, has Chrome-plated spherical feet, and is housed in a 19″ square burgundy leatherette-covered and fitted display box, together with the chess pieces. The King stands 4.0″ tall with a 1.4″ diameter base” tall. Both the chess pieces rest atop black, suede leather pads. The chess pieces nest in red silk-covered compartments. The chessboard and display box wear the Star Resorts logo. This Star Resorts Gold and Chrome Silhouette Chess Set is quite heavy, weighing around 15 pounds.

the chessboard and chess pieces are in excellent condition. The chessboard exhibits some very minor scratches. The chess set dates to around 1975 and was crafted in Italy. This particular set was apparently made to be sold through Star Resorts, although we can find no references to substantiate exactly when and where these were distributed.

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Weight25 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 8 in

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