Lot #569. New Empire Modern Staunton Chessmen.


The New Empire Modern Staunton Chessmen, Two Exotic wood choices, 4-3/8″ King, 1-3/4″ base. Each set includes 2 Queen and 2 Rook styles. Housed in a Premium Mahogany box. Designed by F. Camaratta.

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New Empire Modern Staunton Chessmen.

Tired of the same boring variations on the Staunton design? Searching for some truly unique chessmen to grace your favorite chess table, a new paradigm perhaps? Then here is a refreshing approach to brighten your chessic landscape – the New Empire Modern Staunton Chessmen. The New Empire features an entirely new Knight design with a strong hint of the Art Deco that is reminiscent of the 1920s. Included with each set are two Rook designs shown, one King’s Rook and one Queen’s Rook, and an extra set of Queens which are slightly different to easily identify a promoted Queen. The pieces completely capture the essence of a serious set of chessmen, while at the same time maintaining a look of pure elegance. With their graceful, up-swept stems and piece-to-piece design consistency, these chessmen make a statement like none other. This is a full Club-sized Chess set that features a 4-3/8″ King with a 1-3/4″ diameter base.  The Chess pieces are heavily weighted with gold-embossed black English Leather base pads under the Kings and luxurious green billiard cloth base pads cushioning the other Chess pieces. The optional Premium Mahogany box (shown) is available.

No previous set of Chessmen have been able to so completely capture the essence of the Staunton design while maintaining a look of such elegance, simplicity and clarity. The pieces seem to melt and conform to your hand.  These chessmen are so well designed and executed that they have been copied and sold under the Ferrari brand in Black and Red lacquer.

The New Empire Modern Staunton Chessmen are ideal for enthusiasts and collectors that are looking for a set of heirloom quality chess pieces that is a true work of art, one that is as beautiful as it is functional. While the design of the Chessmen is elegant, don’t let that fool you – the pieces have been designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining an elegance which has become our hallmark. There are no fragile details subject to breakage, such as collars, ball finials and Queen’s crenellations normally found in conventional Staunton chessmen.

The New Empire Modern Staunton Chessmen are available in several different wood combinations. Shown here are the chess pieces in Boxwood and Ebony. The pieces are offered in two exotic wood choices, Tulipwood and Tasmanian Blackwood as well as Zebrawood and Ebony.  The chess pieces are designed for play on chessboard with 2-3/8” or 2-1/2” squares. The Chessboard shown here is not included. Looking for a suitable chessboard to display your new or antique heirloom? To view our extensive collection of new and antique chessboards, please click here.

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