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A Reproduction of the Jaques Nathaniel Cooke Staunton Chessmen in bone. It is an exact rendition of the original Nathaniel Cooke Staunton Chessmen as they appeared in 1849. The King is 3-3/8″ by 1.7″ base. Included is the reproduction Leuchars folding Chessboard shown.

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Nathaniel Cooke Bone Staunton Chessmen.

Historical Background and Articles
The Original Staunton Chessmen Registration

Offered here is a Reproduction of the Jaques Nathaniel Cooke Staunton Chessmen. It is an exact rendition of the original Nathaniel Cooke Staunton Chessmen as they appeared in 1849, crafted in bone. This is a tournament-size set featuring a 3-3/8″ King with a 1.7″ diameter base. These Reproduction Cooke Style chessmen are accurate – right down to the facsimile green registration lozenge under the base of each of the chess pieces. Also included with your new set of Cooke Staunton chessmen is an accurate reproduction of the white facsimile label and small green Staunton sticker to be affixed to any suitable new or antique storage box. In addition, the red and bone-colored reproduction Leuchars folding chessboard shown (without the Carton-Pierre Panels) is included. The reproduction green Leuchars boards shown will be available shortly. 

The Nathaniel Cooke Bone Staunton chessmen being offered are crafted from the finest Camel Bone. The look of these pieces is almost indistinguishable from the original 1849 Staunton ivory sets. Note the masterful workmanship of the Knights, which are derived from the noble steeds whose visages are captured in the Parthenon frieze (expropriated between 1801 and 1812 by Thomas Bruce, 7th Lord of Elgin and since referred to as the Elgin Marbles). This distinctive, finely detailed Knight head is the hallmark of a true Staunton design. Your set is available in Natural and either Black or the original Red stained pieces. Please specify color preference when ordering. The reproduction Carton-Pierre casket shown is not included but is available. Please inquire for more details and cost.

Here’s your chance to own a set of the original Staunton chessmen exactly as they looked when they first appeared in retail outlets in September of1849. These magnificent Chessmen are made available on a very limited basis. The chess pieces play and display best on a chessboard with 2-1/8″ or 2-1/4″ squares. The antique Jaques wooden chessboard shown is not included, only the reproduction Leuchars folding chessboard. A wide selection of game timers and new and antique chessboards can be found here. A brief history of the John Jaques company and the Staunton chessmen can be found here and here.

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