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Shong Chee Eastern Chess Set.

Offered here is a Shong Chee Eastern Chess Set. The 32 individual plastic disc chess pieces measure 1″ in diameter. The folding wooden chessboard measures 11” square when open. Each of the chessmen is identified as characters representing American political and Military Institutions engraved in red and blue one side. The coins in this Shong Chee Eastern Chess Set are in like-new condition, as is its original wooden folding storage board/box. The original cardboard display box is in very good condition with fraying around one of the flap edges.


Shong Chee is Xiangqi (also known as Chinese chess), using characters representing American Political and Military institutions. Xinagqi is one of the oldest forms of chess and one of the most popular board games in China. It is related to Western Chess, Chaturanga, Shogi, Indian chess and Janggi. There are several differences between Xiangqi and Western Chess. The most significant are the new piece, the Cannon (pao), which must have a “screen” to capture; a rule forbidding the Kings (or Generals) from directly opposing each other; the ability to block the Knight, Pawn promotion; the river, which the Elephants can’t cross; and the Fortress or Palace, which confines the King and his advisors (Visors).


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