Lot #R096. The Frankenstein Monster vs. The Mummy Chess Set


Warner Brothers DC Super Heroes Special Collection Justice League Chess Set featuring 32 hand-painted action figures. Original sealed display box. Images of action figures are from a second opened set for clarity. Contains chessboard, and rules. By a La Carte.



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The Frankenstein Monster vs. The Mummy Chess Set

This is a brand-new, hard to find, Universal Studios Monsters Chess Set, featuring the Frankenstein Monster, Count Dracula, the Bride of Frankenstein, Carlos the Mummy, The Phantom of the Opera, the Wolfman and the Creature from The Black Lagoon. The high-quality chess board and chess pieces are cast from heavy resin. There is nothing flimsy about this vintage collectible. This is a mint, unopened chess set. The box shows some minor wear from long-tern shelf storage.

This Universal Studios Monsters Chess set will bring back memories of a bygone era, where Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr. and Lon Chaney haunt your dreams. The Universal Monsters Chess Set Pieces Include: 8 Tombstone Pawns 8 Canopic Jar Pawns, 2 Dr. Frankenstein Lab Rooks, 2 Pyramid Rooks, 2 Wolfman Knights, 2 Creature from the Black lagoon Knights, 2 Phantom of the Opera Bishops, 2 Count Dracula Bishops, 1 Carlos Mummy King, 1 Frankenstein Monster King,1 Anch Su Namun Queen and 1 Bride of Frankenstein Queen. Quite a formidable cast!





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