Lot #43. Vintage Gallant Knight Mottled Travel Plastic Chess Set


A Gallant Knight Mottled Travel Plastic chess set, No. 100M, unweighted and unfelted.  King, 2-1/8″ King with by 1-0″ diameter base. Folding green and buff paper chessboard, 1.1″ squares and instructions.

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Vintage Gallant Knight Mottled Travel Plastic Chess Set.

Offered here is a Gallant Knight Mottled Travel Plastic chess set, No. 100M. Authentic Staunton design, unweighted and unfelted.  The set has a 2-1/8″ King with a 15/16″ diameter base. Included are a folding green and buff paper chessboard with 1.1″ squares and instructions. The chessmen, board and box are in excellent condition. The inset cardboard pieces to secure the chessmen are in very good condition.

The chessmen are produced by The Gallant Knight Company. The sets first appear in The Chess Review magazines in the early 1940s. The early sets were offered in the student size with a 2-3/8″ King and a 1-3/16″ diameter base; and the Standard size with a 2-3/4″ King and a 1-5/16″ diameter base. The company moved from their original facilities at 147 Grand Avenue, Lake Villa, IL, to 228 West Kinzie Street, Chicago 10, IL, and added the small, Travel set No. 100(M) with a 2-1/8″ King having a 15/16″ diameter base; and a large Tournament set with a 4-7/8″ King and a 2-0″ diameter base. The sets were produced in a Mottled plastic as well as a Black or Red and ivory colored plastic. the Travel and Student sets were housed in simple cardboard boxes (No. 100, No. 35 and No. 36). The Standard sets were housed in cardboard boxes, hinged leatherette cases and a very attractive wooden chest (No. 75 and No. 76). The large Tournament set was housed in a hinge-top leatherette covered cardboard box.

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