Reproduction British Chess Company Chessmen

Lot #196. Reproduction 1892 British Chess Company Improved Staunton Chessmen

1892 Reproduction British Chess Company Chessmen

A set of Reproduction British Chess Company Chessmen, Improved Staunton pattern. The pieces are heavily weighted, with green baize base pads. The chess pieces are antique Boxwood and Ebony. The King stands 4-1/2″ tall with a 1-7/8″ diameter base. These Reproduction British Chess Company Chessmen are an exact reproduction of the Improved Staunton Chessmen offered by The British Chess Company is the early 1890s. The redesign was executed by Frank Camaratta. The chessmen are new and are housed in a Red Mahogany Premium House of Staunton veneered box with an authentic reproduction British Chess Company label. The authentic mid-Victorian Mahogany-framed chess board with 2-1/2″ Rosewood and Holly squares and the antique Tanner Chess Clock are not included with these chessmen. Our fine collection of new and antique chess timers and clocks can be found here. A suitable new or antique chessboard is available elsewhere on this site. Click here to see our extensive new and antique chessboard offerings. For some background on the British Chess Company click here.

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