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Lot #436. Richford’s India -Rubber Chess Printer

Richford’s India -Rubber Chess Printer.

This selection is a very rare example of Richford’s India-Rubber Chess Printer. The Chess Printer polished hinge-top oak box measures 5″ x 4″. It is secured by a brass eye and hook arrangement. The Chess Printer kit contains twelve sticks, one for each of the chessmen in each color. The kit is in excellent condition and appeared circa 1890.

Here is an advertisement for the kit from Chess Exemplified in 132 Games of the Most Celebrated Players, by William John Greenwell. of the Inner Temple and Newcastle-upon-Thyme, Barrister at Law.






(Registered No 115,919)

For recording Problems unfinished Games interesting Positions during actual play, etc.

Price 3/6 Complete

In handsome polished wood box about the size of a cigar case very portable and convenient for pocket use The printing is produced by India Rubber Dies which are fixed upon the bevelled edge of small mounts or holders enabling the user to print the impression accurately and readily upon the requisite square of the diagram As will be seen from the illustration there are twelve mounts six white and six black representing the King Queen Bishop Knight Rook and Pawn A book containing twelve diagrams is also supplied with each box and fits inside the lid Additional books can always be obtained.


RlCHFORD’s Rubber Chess Printer -“This is a most ingeniously arranged little printing press for all who have occasion to prepare diagrams of chess problems It consists of a set of types one for each chess piece placed so that any single one may be taken out at sight a self-inking stamp pad and some blank forms all neatly inclosed in a polished olive wood case the size of a note book. The workmanship is excellent and the diagrams produced are clear and distinct.” Illustrated London News

”An ingenious contrivance has just been introduced under the title of Richford’s India rubber Chess Printer” Morning Post

Diagram Stamp 3×3 for Printing on Post cards, Books, etc., complete in box with pad and ink, 4s. Postage 3d. Every description of Rubber Stamps supplied.

EM RICHFORD Manufacturer and Patentee 44 SNOW HILL LONDON EC

Branches 52 Cheapside 120 Newgate N and 13 Paternoster Row EC.

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