Salerno Artisan Staunton Chessmen

Lot #440. Salerno Artisan Staunton Chessmen

Salerno Artisan Staunton Chessmen.

This is a set of Salerno Artisan Staunton Chessmen in Boxwood and Ebony.  The King stands 4-3/8″ tall with a 2-0″ diameter base. The chessmen are weighted and cushioned with green felt base pads. The set of chessmen includes am extra set of Queens to facilitate Pawn Promotion, a feature pioneered by Frank Camaratta and The House of Staunton.  The striking feature of this set of chessmen are the breathtakingly magnificent Knights. This is an imperfect set. One Boxwood Queen and one Boxwood Pawn have a prominent hairline crack and the Boxwood King has a very small hairline in the lower base foot. There are also blemishes in several of the Boxwood chessmen, which are shown in the images. The set is unused and housed in a cardboard box with fitted foam trays. This set normally retails for around $1000. Here’s a chance to own a truly magnificent set of chessmen at a fraction of retail.


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