Seiko Analog Quartz Chess Clock

Lot #382. Seiko Analog Quartz Chess Clock

Seiko Analog Quartz Chess Clock.

The Seiko Analog Quartz Chess Clock is .The black plastic case measures 7-1/4″ x 5-3/4″ x 3″. The Seiko QZ 569 K Analog Quartz Clock takes 3 AA batteries. The on-case printed Instructions and settings in Japanese. There is no instruction booklet. Move counter and voice are in Chinese. The clock is in excellent working order (assuming you can figure out how to set it) and has its original cardboard box. These clocks first appeared around 1990. This analog quartz clock is among the earliest of the programmable electronic chess clocks. The clock is new and appears to function properly.

Here is the best I was able to do with the translation. For set Method 1, please Align the power switch to [set]. 2, a set of minutes is, 1 piece defeated rules One turning back needle, please set each Turn the minute hand clockwise in Mami when I (2 hours and 30 minute wait). 12 (Note) can not be set within 10 minutes i 3, the set of time units, the center of the Sukichi | Please be set by pressing the number of times-up button. For example, within one hour time limit is “0”! CD 丽 within CD allotted time 2 hours is set to “1”. 4, when the cut lose rules, please Align the second set switch to the “0” position. 5, when the countdown rules, skip count display is “-” in the state, please align the countdown time in the left and right of the second set switch.


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