Giuseppe Vasari Byzantine Chess Set

Lot #493. Giuseppe Vasari Byzantine Chess Set

Giuseppe Vasari Byzantine Chess Set.

A Vasari Byzantine Chess Set. The chess pieces are Bronze, adorned in silver and 24K gold created by Giuseppe Vasari. This particular set is called the Byzantine, or Scacchiera Bizantina, and includes the ornate, superbly articulated figures shown, with the Knight being, perhaps the most notable. The King stands 4″ tall, with the Rook at 4-1/2”. Each piece bears the “Made in Italy” sticker and all the pieces bear the signature in script of the master, Vasari, on the on the top of each of the bases.

The Chessboard is composed of Italian Marble and all metal work is produced in bronze, The chessboard features caryatids at the 4 corners of the base, hold this massive battlefield elevated about 3 1/2″. The playing surface  rests upon a wide band of elaborate rococo silver-on-bronze edge, truly a work of art. The chessboard and chess pieces are in excellent condition.

Vasari SculptorThis magnificent chess set is manufactured by La Bottega del Vasari from Italy. Famous, as one of the most reputable firms that produces luxury chess sets.  Vasari Sculptor“La bottega del Vasari” was founded by Gianni Inclimona, an artist who traces his ancestry to the renowned 16th Century Italian Renaissance Artist and Architect. La Bottega del Vasari is known the world over. Gianni Inclimona, called il “Vasari”, began his craft in Milano 25 years ago. He began reproducing armies and battles of the past and then started making them into Chess Sets faithful to historic battles. These Chess Sets are produced in bronze, hand chiseled, finished with Gold and Silver. All work is carried out directly by Gianni Inclimona who continues to use old traditional methods. For this reason only a few of these special artistic Chess Sets are produced each year.

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