Lot #575. World War II War Machines Chessmen by The Franklin Mint

War Machines Chessmen of World War II by The Franklin Mint

A rare set of The War Machines Chessmen of World War II manufactured by The  Franklin Mint. The chess set contains 32 Pewter replicas of aircraft, ships, Canons and Tanks used by the American and German forces during World War II.  The surprisingly accurate individual models are mounted atop Pedestals with Red and Blue enameled embellishments. The set of War Machines Chessmen is complete and is in excellent condition. It lacks the original chessboard, the original Certificate of Authenticity and the other associated paperwork. The date of manufacture is uncertain.

The American Side consists of the following War Machines.

  • The King: American Eagle
  • The Queen: Heavy Cruiser
  • The  Bishops: B-17G Fortress Bombers
  • The Knights: M2A1 105mm Howitzers
  • The Rooks: M4 Sherman Tanks
  • The Pawns, North American P-51 Mustang Fighter Aircraft
The German Side consist of the following War Machines
  • The King: German Third Reich Eagle (less the Swastika)
  • The Queen: Pocket Battleship
  • The Bishops: Heinkel He 177 Bombers
  • The Knights: 10.5-cm LFH.18/40 Howitzers
  • The Rooks: Tiger I Tanks
  • The Pawns: BF-109 Messerschmitt Fighter Aircraft

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