Whittington Bone Portable Chess Set

Lot #285. Jaques Whittington Bone Portable Chess Set

Jaques Whittington Bone Portable Chess Set.

Whittington Bone Portable Chess Set

A Whittington Bone Portable Chess Set. The bone pegged chessmen are natural and red-stained. The accompanying folding box/chessboard is Mahogany with Rosewood and Satinwood squares and measured 6″ square and 1-1/4″ thick, opened. The King stands 1/2″ tall. The unique feature of the Whittington style portable chess sets is the folding flap which secured the chessmen in place while the game is discontinued of when traveling. The set is complete and in excellent condition. The set was probably produced by the Jaques company around 1880.

The Whitting style portable chess sets are available in several sizes, all having bone chessmen. The Whittington Pattern portable chess sets were produced by several manufacturers, including Jaques of London and the British Chess Company


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