World Champions Folding Chessboard

Lot #349. World Champions Folding Chessboard

World Champions Folding Chessboard.

Steinitz and Lasker

A World Champions Folding Chessboard, very unique and collectible. The construction is vinyl over cardboard. The chess board measures 14-1/8″ square when open. The chessboard dark brown and light wood-grained squares are 1-1/2″. The playing field is protected with a glossy plastic film and has Algebraic Notation and is surrounded by the signatures of each of the World Champions in Cyrillic. When folded, the cover of the chessboard has images and signatures of all the World Champions. Printed in Cyrillic are their statistics, such as date and place of birth and death (when appropriate), the date they won their title and whom they defeated.  This unique chessboard is in very good condition with no damage. The fold is still in tact.  The covering is sound and the chessboard lies flat.  Based on the World Champions listed, the Chessboard would have been produced prior to the Fischer/Spassky Match in 1792. Chess Pieces are not included. For our extensive selection of antique and modern chessboards, visit here.

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