Jaques Parlor Game Compendium

Lot #567. Antique Jaques Compendium of Parlor Games

Antique Jaques Parlor Game Compendium.

Offered here is a very unusual Antique Jaques Parlor Game Compendium. The compendium contains seventeen parlor games and measures 14-1/2″ x 7-3/4″ x 8” tall. The stained wood compendium is in excellent condition. The red cardboard trays are generally in good condition with some scratching. All the folding game boards are in very good-to-excellent condition. The collection is complete and the cards are in very good-to-excellent condition. All Dominoes, 32 Chess pieces and 30 Draughtsmen are present. One of the four painted lead horses (green) from the Steeplechase game is missing. Also included are five dice shakers and dice,  Chess and Backgammon boards are back-to-back. Also included are all the playing instructions and miscellaneous related paper advertisements. The instructions for Chess are contained in the Revised edition of the ABCs of Chess, first introduced in 1859 by Harriet Ingram Cooke (A Lady), daughter of Nathaniel Cooke.

Along with Backgammon and Chess, the compendium contains the following fifteen games: Dominoes, Halma (a little background on Halma can be found here), Happy Families (A little background on Happy Families can be found here. ), Lotto, Snakes and Ladders, The Game of Ludo, The Game of the Race, Reversi, Patchesi, Snap, Tiddley Winks, FishPond, Steeplechase, The Great Galumphus, and the Counties of England. This Antique Jaques Parlor Game Compendium dates to around 1915 and was retailed by the Abercrombie & Fitch Co. out of New York.




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