Catlin's Pocket Chess Set

Lot #486. Catlin’s Pocket Chess Set

Catlin’s Pocket Chess Set.

This selection is a very nice example of Catlin’s Pocket Chess Set with Draughts. The set consists of a complete set of celluloid-type chessmen with characters printed in red and black, plus a set of Draughtsmen, including 8 pieces represented as Kings, which slip into pockets in the slotted leather chessboard as provided. The tan slotted chessboard and chessmen are covered in a black leather to form a folding wallet.  The set measures 4-1/2″” x 4-1/2″ closed. The outer black leather wallet is in very good condition with some signs of wear. The slotted leather chessboard and celluloid chessmen are in excellent condition. This item dates to around 1890. The patent application can be viewed at

Some Background.

The Cattlin’s Pocket Chess Set was registered at the U.S Patent Office to Fred Catlin, of Brooklyn, New York. as the POCKET CHESS BOARD. No. 413,026 on October 15, 1889. 


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